Sunday, March 12, 8:00 p.m.
M Magnus and Chris Vitiello
@ Pyramid Atlantic

Magus (M.) Magnus will be reading selections from a book-length work-in-progress, titled Verb Sap.  M. has a volume of poetry published, Little Puddles (New Orleans, 1993), and has had plays and theatrical pieces performed in a variety of contexts both in New Orleans and in the D.C. area.  He is the founder and current festival coordinator of the upcoming Yockadot Poetics Theatre Festival, set to have its inaugural run April 2007 in Alexandria, Virginia.  Poems from Verb Sap have been published in WORD, at, and an earlier selection was read at the i.e. reading series in Baltimore.  M. Magnus lives in Alexandria with his wife, Manya Magnus, and their two children, Hero and Gryphon.

Chris Vitiello is the author of Nouns Swarm A Verb (Xurban Books). He is a contributing editor for Fascicle ( and blogs at ( Last month, a play of his was performed at the Poet's Theater in San Francisco.


Pyramid Atlantic
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Silver Spring, Maryland
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