Sunday, May 21, 3:00 p.m.
Buck Downs and David Franks
@ in your ear @ DCAC
Please join us this Sunday May 21 at 3pm for the final in your ear poetry reading of the season, which will find our very own Buck Downs sharing the spotlight with the illustrious David Franks, who returns to the DC stage for the first time in many years.

BUCK DOWNS has already given away more poems than most men ever write. You may find them liberally scattered throughout your home, or stacked in a single, ever-growing pile, according to your own inclination. He lives and works in Washington DC, despite his belief that the better poets all come from Baltimore. He is as liable to bust into an a capella version of a Lead Belly spiritual as he is to be sporting a bottle of Faygo Moon Mist in one holster and a Diet Peach Nehi 40-ouncer in the other. (Faygo is the brand of pop preferred by the Rap group Insane Clown Posse.) Still committed to selling out the entire print run of his Edge Book MARIJUANA SOFTDRINK, his latest project is PONTIAC FEVER, a chapdisc from Narrow House Recordings.

When an army led by Benedict Arnold and Richard Montgomery invaded Canada in 1775, DAVID FRANKS joined the American forces and followed them when they were forced to retreat. Franks was the aide-de-camp for General Benedict Arnold at West Point at the time of Arnold's treachorous attempt to hand over the fort to the British. He and another subordinate, Richard Varick were both cleared of complicity in the treason and went on to serve the cause. He served as a courier to carry important documents to Benjamin Franklin in France and John Jay in Spain. David Franks will be reading from his forthcoming book (BIG HOUSE) -- "LOVE IS MAKING ME SICK!" -- illustrated by Betsy Boyd. See him read "Net Worth" (from the book) at Shattered Wig in Baltimore last week at <>. A CD of "Love is Making Me Sick!" will soon be available at CD Baby or Birdhouse Studios (<>).


2438 18th Street in Adams Morgan
(south of Columbia Rd. on the west side of the street)
All readings are on third Sundays at 3 PM, Admission $3, FREE for DCAC members