Saturday, April 13, 3:00 p.m.
Pom Pom launch party
@ Ruthless Grip

One of the most original new New York City poetry magazines, POM2 (aka POMPOM) Magazine is bringing its unique poetry roadshow to Washington, D.C. for a publication party for its second issue. We hope you can join us on Saturday, April 13 at 7:30 p.m. at the Ruthless Grip Poetry Series at Washington Printmakers Gallery (1732 Connecticut Ave., second floor, several blocks north of the Dupont Circle Q Street Metro Exit) for a reading by POMPOM contributors and editors.

Featured readers will include Susan Gardner Dillon, Karen Weiser, and Duncan Dobbelman. Also, the editors of the magazine, Susan Landers, Allison Cobb, Jen Coleman, and Ethan Fugate, will be on hand to read some poems by other contributors and perhaps, if we're lucky, themselves.

In POMPOM, all published poems are responses to other poems that have appeared in the magazine. This uniquely responsive format makes for extended and lively dialogue. Here's some more information from the editors:

POMPOM, a forum for poetic polylogue, publishes poems from poets willing to have their work responded to, altered, lifted, plagiarized, or transformed. The work in POM2 becomes the Property Of Many, that is, the source of engagement for subsequent issues. POM2 prints poems that flirt, pinch, schmooze, neck, crush, punch, shake hands, and gossip with one another. POM2 publishes poems that engage in some way with poems printed in previous issues.

poly- comb form [ME, fr. L, fr. Gk, fr. polys; akin to OE full full 1 a: many : much : MULTI b : excessive: abnormal : HYPER- 2 a : containing an indefinite number of a (specified) substance + -logue or ?log n comb form [ME ?logue, fr. OF, fr. L ?logus, fr. Gk ?logos, fr. legein to speak ? more at LEGEND] 1 : discourse: talk

We hope to see you there and for all festivities afterwards! For more information about upcoming events, check out our website at