Saturday, April 7, 8:00 p.m.
Rob Fitterman and Cheryl Pallant
@ Ruthless Grip
We hope you can join us at The Ruthless Grip Poetry Series at Washington Printmakers (1732 Connecticut Ave. second floor, several blocks north of the Dupont Circle Q Street Metro Station) on Saturday, April 7 at 7:30 p.m. for a reading by ROBERT FITTERMAN and CHERYL PALLANT.

ROBERT FITTERMAN, born in St. Louis 1959 of cigar-making jewish-Russian lineage, has remained close to the heart of Curt Flood. He has lived in NYC since 1981 working as a bartender, waiter, docket clerk, documentation writer, and, finally, as a Master Teacher of Expository Writing at New York University.
His books include leases (Periphery Press), among the cynics (Singing Horse Press), Ameresque (Buck Downs Books), Metropolis 1-15 (Sun & Moon Press) and Metropolis 16-20 (Edge Books). He has also collaborated with several visual artists on book projects. He is the editor-publisher of Object Magazine and p o e t s c o o p  books.  He lives in a high rise overlooking Washington Square Park with poet Kim Rosenfield and their 3 year old daughter Coco.

CHERYL PALLANT is the author of the recently released poetry book, Uncommon Grammar Cloth by Station Hill Press. Her poetry and fiction have appearked in the U.S., England, Australia, and the Czech Republic in numerous publications such as Oxford Magazine, The Crescent Review, Confrontation, New York Quarterly and in anthologies by William Morrow & Company and Ecco Press. She is the performance art writer for
and the dance writer for a local paper in Richmond VA where she lives. She teaches at Virginia Commonwealth University in the English and the Dance & Choreography Departments.

We hope to see you there and for all festivities afterwards.