Sunday, April 6, 7:00 p.m.
Evgeny Bunimovich, Elena Fanailova, & Yuli Gugolev
@ Bridge Street Books
Contemporary Russian Poetry
from Dalkey Archive Press
Evgeny Bunimovich, Elena Fanailova, & Yuli Gugolev

Evgeny Bunimovich was born in 1954 in Moscow. He is the author of seven books of poetry, including Yestestvenniy otbor [Natural Selection] (Moscow: MIKPRO, 2001), which won the Moscow Prize in Literature and Art, and, most recently, Yezhednevnik [Daily Journal] (Moscow: OGI, 2006). He is a recipient of the Order of Academic Palms (France) and President of the Moscow International Festival of Poets. As a columnist for Novaya Gazyeta, he won the Best Individual Style in Journalism Prize and the Union of Journalists of Russia Prize. He teaches mathematics, and has authored several textbooks, He is Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Education Department.

Elena Fanailova was born in 1962 in the Voronezhskaya region. She is the author of Puteshestvie [Travels] (St. Petersburg: Severo-Zapad — Mitin zhurnal, 1994), S osobym tsinizmom [With Particular Cynicism] (Moscow: NLO, 2000), Transilvaniya bespokoit [Transylvania is Worrisome] (Moscow: OGI, 2002), and Russkaya versiya [Russian Version] (Moscow: Zapasniy Vykhod, 2005). An English translation of her work is forthcoming from Ugly Duckling Presse. She is the winner of the Andrei Bely Prize (1999) and the Moskovskiy schyot Grand Prize 2003). She works as a journalist for the Moscow bureau of Radio Svoboda.

Yuli Gugolev was born in 1964 in Moscow. He is a translator and the author of two books of poetry: Polnoe. Sobranie sochineniy [Complete Works] (Moscow: OGI, 2000) and Komandirovochnye predpisaniya [Official Instructions] (Moscow: Novoe izdatel'stvo, 2006), which won the Moskovskiy schyot Grand Prize. He works in the regional division of the International Commission of the Red Cross in the Russian Federation.


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In business for over twenty years, Bridge Street is one of a rare breed these days--a successful independent bookseller. It has what is certainly the best poetry section in Washington, well-stocked in alternative poetry and poetics as well as mainstream. Bridge Street also has extremely good selections in Philosophy, Politics, Cultural Theory, Women's Studies, Film, Music, and other areas. They also have a plethora of quality sale books.

Manager (& well-known poet!) Rod Smith has been organizing readings in the Washington Area since 1988 and has brought Rae Armantrout, Charles Bernstein, Lee Ann Brown, John Cage, Kevin Davies, Lyn Hejinian, Lisa Jarnot, Alice Notley, Tom Raworth, Lisa Robertson, Leslie Scalapino, Chris Stroffolino and many other important writers to DC.