Friday, December 1, 8:00 p.m.
Robert Fitterman, Holly Melgard, Casey Smith & Joey Yearous-Algozin
@ Black Squirrel

Doors 7:00. Reading 8:00.

Robert Fitterman is the author of 14 books of poetry including Nevermind (Wonder Books, 2016), Rob’s Word Shop (Ugly Duckling Press, forthcoming 2018), No Wait, Yep. Definitely Still Hate Myself (Ugly Duckling Press, 2014), Holocaust Museum (Counterpath, 2013, and Veer [London] 2012), now we are friends (Truck Books, 2010), Rob the Plagiarist (Roof Books, 2009), war, the musical (Subpress, 2006), and Metropolis—a long poem in 4 separate volumes. He has collaborated with several visual artists, including: Serkan Ozkaya, Nayland Blake, Fia Backström, Tim Davis and Klaus Killisch. He is the founding member of the artists and writers collective, Collective Task. He teaches writing and poetry at New York University and at the Bard College, Milton Avery School of Graduate Studies.

Holly Melgard is the author of the Catcall (Ugly Duckling Presse), Poems for Baby trilogy, The Making of The Americans, Black Friday, Reimbursement (Troll Thread) and Cats Can’t Taste Sugar (Gaus PDF). Along with Joey Yearous-Algozin, she’s co-authored Liquidation, White Trash (Troll Thread) and Holly Melgard’s Friends and Family (Bon Aire Projects). She is currently finishing her PhD dissertation on “Poetics of Ubiquitization: Textual Conditions of/for the Ubiquitous Computing Age” in the Buffalo Poetics Program, designing and co-editing Troll Thread press, teaching writing at CUNY, and living in Brooklyn, NY.

Casey Smith is a poet, print-culture historian, and language artist. His ephemeral texts have appeared on the walls of galleries, in films and videos, on private property, broadsides, lithographs, screenprints, pigment prints, street posters, artist catalogues, chapbooks, edible books, helium balloons, classified ads, Japanese NBA fan sites, golf pencils, impacted dirt, and so on. None of his poems have appeared in The New Yorker or Poetry.

Joey Yearous-Algozin is the author of Utopia (Counterpath, 2017), Caller Removed (TROLL THREAD, 2016), Holly Melgard's Friends and Family (Bon Aire Projects, 2014) and The Lazarus Project (TROLL THREAD and GAUSSPDF, 2010-13), among others. He's a member of the publishing collective, TROLL THREAD.


The Black Squirrel
2427 18th St NW

This reading will be held in the private lounge on the third floor.