Friday, January 12, 8:00 p.m.
Mickey Harmon, Jamie Perez, Meg Ronan & Kevin Thurston
@ The Black Squirrel

Jamie Perez’s chapbook “There Were Rivers Before There Were People” cake out from Big Lucks in 2016. He used to help direct Narrow House publishing books and pressing CDs; and edited and published the online weekly Rock Heals a long while. His work can be found in various places online and off like Fanzine and the Shattered Wog Review. Jamie lives and believes in Baltimore.

Meg Ronan is the author of the obligatory garnish argument ( SpringGun Press) and the chapbook The Friendship Blog. Her poems have appeared in APARTMENT Poetry, Big Lucks, glitterMOB & other lovely journals. She is a cancer moon and she works at Bridge Street Books in Washington, DC. She wants lots&lots but she does not want your clues or your bonus points.

Kevin Thurston is a writer and performer living in Buffalo, New York. Recent work can be found in PEACH MAG and soon in The Tiny. He has a few chapbooks, produced an audio project called KEVIN IS RUNNING LATE BUT WILL BE IN, and has had the pleasure of presenting work throughout the US & Canada. That said, this is his first large scale project in about 10 years. Collaborative by nature, he is thrilled to have worked with Mickey Harmon on this project.

From an early age Mickey Harmon has traced and rearranged imagery to drive his quest to visually narrate our world. Mickey has worked with local writers and artists to adapt the history of Buffalo and Western New York to various print and web projects. It wasn't until recently, he opened up my own gallery and retail shop in Buffalo's arts district, Allentown, named the Pine Apple Company. Through collaborating with 5 other artists/owners in the gallery and a population of creatives in the area, projects have ranged in scope and scale. Color Me White is his first project with collaborator Kevin Thurston. This book will be one of his first to leave his realm of historical fiction and enter a nearly 100 page illustrated poetry book from the depths of a writer who has seen his fair share of love, lorn, loss, and horrible things men say. Mickey lives in Buffalo with his husband Robert and their bunny, Fernando.


The Black Squirrel
2427 18th St NW

This reading will be held in the private lounge on the third floor.