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Not a War Blog
boy I would like to find you deer
damn skippy
if the deer are all armored like that
you may of hit the nail on the head
giant oil companies behind this
            Bush scared me, because he always
            sniffs at the air like a deer
            all I wanted to do was to set my head
            as to whom would attend
            to a wounded deer and, of course,
            take a shit near Balboa BART
head honcho in the Jewish Federation
drops his spoon and grasps his head
I wish I understood that sentence
I held it together until the scene
            where he bites the head off the deer
she good looking gyp too
I think I had that deer frozen
you should know cutie
            HELL OF HEAD
            "damn skippy, bi**tch."
            all the while Jeff Goldblum was rambling
            "I don't do needles"
            Nocturna he knew would be running around killing deer
            "god made elk, god made deer, god demonstrated
            the dry-scrape method of brain tanning"
            well taken Smokey
            too bad I didn't see any 3-headed deer, though
this is not a war blog-it's just my blog
hope you enjoy reading what goes through my head
            "the truck piss-a-deer-ed"
            and the bats started chasing Old School Scotty's head