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Anthology :: Ruthless Grip

Bruce Andrews: Between
Joseph Battaglia: from Variorum
Jules Boykoff : the general form of value
Elizabeth Burns: Lilacs
CA Conrad: from FRANK
Martin Corless-Smith: The Works of William Williamson
Tom Devaney: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Tom Devaney: Forest of the Night
Tom Devaney: Bee Beard Sonnet
Jean Donnelly: from Anthem
Buck Downs: Poem
Marcella Durand: machine into water 5
Rob Fitterman: Metropolis 16
Rob Fitterman: Metropolis 17
Rob Fitterman: Metropolis 18
Rob Fitterman: Metropolis 25
Josey Foo: Gravel
Josey Foo: Evening
Josey Foo: Beams
Greg Fuchs: The City
Jeremy Gardner: An Introspection
Drew Gardner: Sugar Pill
Drew Gardner: Marie Menken
Drew Gardner: Black Atlantic Sky
Maia Gil'Adi: Holding Therapy
Maia Gil'Adi: Philadelphia
Maia Gil'Adi: Trio
Adam Good: Dear More Years
Daniel Gu: Correlation
Daniel Gutstein: You will be cold again
Daniel Gutstein: Noisemaker
Daniel Gutstein: Sonnet
Daniel Gutstein: The whole of the transfinite
Jefferson Hansen: Threads in the Ozone
Jefferson Hansen: Angels of Density
Jefferson Hansen: Santuerio
Jefferson Hansen: Two Boys Bothering Us
Jefferson Hansen: Swallowing What Dirt
Jefferson Hansen: We are Dumb as Bells
Rachel Levitsky: Recent Unrecorded Notes
Brendan Lorber: Ringer
Brendan Lorber: Be the Ball
Brendan Lorber: Feel the Urn
Brendan Lorber: Collateral Omelette
Gillian McCain: Chemistry
Gillian McCain: Shopping
Gillian McCain: Electricity
Gillian McCain: Autumn
Gillian McCain: Action
Sharon Mesmer: Hello Everyone
Sharon Mesmer: Annoying Diabetic Bitch
Sandra Miller: A Good Scripting.
Sandra Miller: The Desert is My Animal.
Sandra Miller: By Dint of Kilt.
Carol Mirakove: Sem: A World Without
Ange Mlinko: Index Excerpt (Book)
Chris Nealon: "Yours Alone"
Chris Nealon: Park blocks
Mel Nichols: from Day Poems
Cheryl Pallant: from Uncommon Grammar Cloth
David Perry: New Years
Kristin Prevallet: One Final Blow to Mankind
Heather Ramsdell: from Vague Swimmers
Heather Ramsdell: Good Sheep
Richard Roundy: Tab A Goes into Slot B
Richard Roundy: The Other Kind of Vertigo
Ric Royer: Along the ditches
Kaia Sand: Prologue
Kaia Sand: forecast
Kaia Sand: Appellation
Kaia Sand: feedback
Kaia Sand: obsolescence
Selah Saterstrom: early house
Selah Saterstrom: Take Care of Me
Leonard Schwartz: Elations II
James Sherry: The Census of the Fishes
Rod Smith: WHAM-O
Brian Kim Stefans : A Poem for Tyros
Brian Kim Stefans : Howlings in Favor of Tulsa
Gary Sullivan: Narrow Gauge
Gary Sullivan: (Untitled)
Thomas Lowe Taylor: Here (for Karen)
Bill Tuttle: postcards from nirvana
Catherine Wagner: I Walked in the House
Catherine Wagner: Very Nice-Looking
Jacqueline Waters : from The Garden of Eden a College
Geoffrey Young: Heart of the Breath