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Muchos Talented

who this fruit bat is that so
painstakingly writes these
preachings in neat gothic style

in the year of "the fruit bat"
the golden hat will roll
and all will bow to the text

fruit bat I run into is
very friendly cautious of
the poisonous boomslang

and purple Independence
Day watching kids do aerobics
the many amazing things

girls and friends dramatic
sometimes keep a
psychedelic hippie robot

girl with the pet fruit bat
her black bathroom is pretty

hip to the funky street
vibe and groovy ass
over winter to escape frigid tree

lady take a look at
squiggles on the rock she
sings "Tomorrow" gothic groovy

takes off all her clothing
clinging to her like a giant
fruit bat well okay

over Asia it almost
seemed like a museum
foolish things pause

in their holiday
honeymoon to visit
Dr. Groovy W. Ski

dance like princes and
princesses at a groovy
nightspot how nice they were

the fruit bat will never see
this beach and tonight
I won't be here