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Two Poems

Caesar was Caesar. Bees purr. Bees purr Napoleone. Napoleone Italian. Put it all in. Put it all in a black bag the black bag the one. If Napoleon broken bone horse on its back with bent neck on. If Napoleon then. If the kitty did die then it did then. No then. Limp kitty. O kingdom. Napoleon napping on Charlemagne. Charlemagne not his real name. Many men like learning. Gerry puts blood around the windows by speaking the blood of Jesus the blood of nursing. Gerry Mary Carey. Gerry Olson old Grandma Gerry. Gerry goes on her bones. The bones that carry Gerry. The bones snap and go bones what bones go. Grandma Gerry Charlemagne and Caesar. Napoleon put the black bag on. The valice marked GERRY in marker more suitable for travel. Vaclav Havel. In hovels in travel put art far. It once in Vaclav his big voice in the valice. In the valice it's booming in armor. In the armoir for travel. In the broken bones armoir of God in the blood around the window. Let one die will you. Cleenton say some foreign travelers. Milosevic say the Olympic announcers pretending. Says Caesar and every last one will finally. Finally every last one.


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