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Bee Beard Sonnet

for Hope Ginsberg

"The woman's face is covered in a growing bee beard.
She standing in a boxed-in space, not exactly still, moving
with the friendly jerk of a Super 8;
The performance art of an old farmer.
Despite a Politics that must be aware of the threatened bee population-
Odd swarm, asexual attraction;
The grace, control not to scratch her head, or break out in song.
Nevertheless, she is signing a silent version of what turns out to be
"The Sunny Side of The Street."
Imagining the proud showmanship of her voice,
the fragrant charm of a Flapper:
"Just direct your feet, to the sunny side of the street."
Generous, tender, crude human hive, face open to, mind full of the noiseless,
endless poetry of May bees signing.