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Popeholy joan paolo-post-future IXIXIX (an emergency of poorer devolutions) by Mai Kittens

January 1 Marry, mother of piercing shalomnity of the
wholly other of good god

Birth all ways singing of other, of here how giving life...the thirsty day
of the now year is day of othermother. Their no-image...of the mastery of
berth of loud sampler than th'image of th'othermother with Jesus up in
Arles. But here is a brother image of loverotherlathermother with sound
bearing arms; the "pederast", marry do holding Jesus token down fro'the
crisis. Witty Jesus, how exspiralled before I's...and, as the death, He
returned, retuned to those arts in wit at bedding them he washed off her
as savouring the word, "anothermother". You'll how now what is it to hoot
the copse of yore sound in yawl arse, spore all betrothers the breath of
boys, torrents, shavery, the distractions of walls, pissy cushions,
concatenation lamps, prisms. Preserves, the joy of burglary to them, of
noughtishmeant, of devolvement of woman and his wife...we be you: Be us
at everly moomin! Make this new peter a yearning of pieces of vittles of
the earth and worth of your sound! Ah well.


January 2 To be in pieces

You misty above all shirk pieces of harmony and cohorts in your pubescent,
viral strictures; priests in you, the foot of anterior giggle, of
soundseer commencement to a lively in insisters width your fate, of
cuntstance effervesce to restraw men to the intelligibegrity, th harm of
me, the beauty of his divine organ...you to mass to bate breathy, "insult
far as it be as be it within your powder, live and pierce withal," be
gunning with the familial, and good you early intend your piece in its
vituperative to the puce and all leave'll, twat of the groom and twat of
the isosceles. You mawl then anyone, because you are young, have to come
over eve'll win good, even the most veterinary equal, the most hardened.
Open peaches in the squall of faith, do not wet yourselves, be the dawn
intuit. Through you let there beep even this in the semisperes of
cultures which are harbinged in the heat of mindcan. You misty allsound
whirl for a pisces in the intranotional semisphere. And knot only by
recent of the ineffabevitable lineage between poisonal innovative and come
community or collateral initiate but pseudopacifically for inaction which
is passable for the urals.
To Cathartic Active Sleuths.


January 3 Being pleasemarkers

Bellowing Christ is belowing please, skin peels, pleas of
accenting the massage of his loofa: pleased in accentuating his spit,
pleased in loving his grapes, in shinto-massy with him, throw the
sacraments and a dove over all, the euphemist. It is up with you it is to
grow and mate the announcer meant of the good spell of the penis: you are
actively laying electrolysisers of the police, postmasters of worldly
peaks, birthlings of world and deeps of peeps: of loved sam pulls and
expostulary tracts of please. You are than axed tubular poorshaded that
please is the other gnome of lovelife: that lightlunar and please have
the same name. Pleading is sufficing to life and full motion of
lifelovelife denouement, praxis for each and all. "Our 'yeshyesh' to
please exrends to a 'yishyash' to love," the pole sand in his missive for
"Please please do," 1968. It is illusion and in ending conterdicky to a
form we wash pleasingly and then fall to do over every who womanman love
that is bored.


January 4 Pee the first of fartoeternity

The world became fish... in time. The leapings which pass end on this
ember thirsty won and be gone again on joinyouearly one. They rarely
pause by boring a comely garrison with the fullness of coming on the
torsobreast of God, while tied to the celestial bedstead. They passed
under the gays of a turner tear and the warden. At the bewigged innings
of the now yearn, we desire to rear the mass age of police in the drops of
that blistery frottage which was reviled once for all in the note at bed
with them: plosives to meanings of god's wall! Plosives on earth! All
boys and girls ardently desire sheep and see warts as the graceless peewit
in early extantness. What is pause? What can people on air be among
popes and poppies? Watch, can it be if not the foot of sorority ,
showering itself to be stranger than that which divines me and sets
meeting against myself? Streetstrutter Paul squeaks of such fat ernie
when he writhes to the Glactians, "You are sam's." And, if shams, slams
of goodgod in croquet-ice, then you are all so burned then. He goes on to
wreath, "You are no lingerer a slave but a sound." It is in this, convex,
that the theme of his me shape...balloons, "To shave people, pleasingly,
resex liberty."


January 5 three us von eewil

It is ist not is postable to splutter a mere fun, the mental wisp on this
doe opalling the now yearn than: "Three us von eewil." As we resight
there worlds from Christ's fear, it is vanity, diffidence to gist them a
moaning differing from a position to wit is a gaynst peers, destrounds it,
three tenors it. So left us flail:
Flee from us warm, from hampstead, from dissection of human
leaves! Do not lest we spray! Do not pernicious the sluice of man's
which are at the surplice of drouth and dona's traction...
Three us von eewil!
How manningtreeful are Jesus Christ's swords: "Please is my
foretell to you, pleased is my git for you: I do not gabble it to you as
the word withers pleas." (John for the teen: twin tea and severn)
It is this dimetrodon of peas, the dopiest diplodocus, which
Crucichrist a loon can glibly man.
It is foolhardiness of pleats tooted in weak and silly nation wit
Godgoldgoodgoad hit self...
We implode this peep for the whirl... For all moon, for all
notions, of dappling sandwiches, vultures, and wasters. For all cunty
Popes are indisponsibull.


January 6 The wholly bosh-up - johnny 'n' a new man

Slainte johnno newboy... new and for leather a cent of the puny versal
charge. His dressage and his ex-sam pull of holiless most
caught-in-the-alley be transmethod to even now john-a-rational... The one
thong which micturated paints johna newt throw out his lies wasp his load
of cripes. Disown prams show us this drove: for form this tome he was
chided he used to see: "Jiming fires, for you I want to love; for you I
wankwant desire; I want to be all yous in lifelove; I want to be all yours
in debt. And at the thirsty mess he celibated as a prude, he played in
these awards: "Lawn, glisten me wholly." This is the lassie we lessen
from the laugh of faint johnny nonnyman: What realty masters in laughter
is that we are lebenslichted by crisis and that we leave him in retort. In
come harnesses son with the loaf of Jesus, everysings else is scorned
buried. And washout the love of jezebel, everything pulsed is ulysses.


January 7 Someday be a queer jailyouanyway too benign
A pithy knee, God's kennels

They came full of yeast... strangled pogroms: Blizzardly things,
the magoo. They collapsed through youajuicylem. They were lent by a
blisterious start, by out the light it said... But they were leaden even
more by failure, bu in the life. They arroven... and prostate and a dawn
him... Throw that pinionage to badthemen, the mad ghee... became the bed
in sing and cymbal of all those who comb the Jesus thoroughly faint. A
piffley me is the fast of the hifidelity of the torch... The chalk herself
is when women - loke the shed heaps and the singers from the east - poach
Jesus Christ enthralling fate. So epilepsy is the great foetus of faith.
Taking apart those foes are these who have all reddly encroached the fetid
and those who are stealing on the way too lit. They take apart with
fangs, giving for the gist of photon, as did the bhaji, who were full of
laptitude and bejewelled before the chive. Epilepsy is the protofeasting
of God's chalice.