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An Argument, In

About archetypes,
nothing is impulse,
not even the desert.
As way of introduction
(as a way of introduction)
the gate on its hingessounding.
Is sound the impulse?
And the door swinging
shakes the whole shutting house.
Like the desert
then sex, then
Veritas? Sound as an engine?
Then back to the desert line
crackled macadam
back to the line as a road
knowing where you are
going until you get there.
do re me fa
so agoraphobic road trip-
and you see
the edgelike flicker
movie credits crediting and not knowing.
Mathematical sound?
A place to chicken out
spend all day
all night in the sun
with cacti based medicine-
with relentless topography.
What do you hear?
sound is- sound is-