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Five False Propositions Against Poetics


Structural an axis, of reference inside.

Only real element of reference a tangent. A differential one, that is, axis already existing.
An element repeats within each emergence of need. Given as desire, exceeds physical,
description a movement constituted.

Remains less close to need, the space in this description.

Literally, of one to an other, languages rent these confunctional or polar. Simply to accept
the fiction within a capable. Capable of "would like."

Which puts the need more or less at the inside of reference.

Knowing the distinction of the two, why form remains. Texts move, then, are themselves, points
of reference. In passion sundered. Which begs the question of which topology. Their
difference marks the privilege of place. Of climate.

Deriving from the various, as the axis of need conforms to the promise of reference.




For the act of the negative, of its meaning.

Its effects throughout read only on the metrical alternatives. After a fashion, "backwardation."
For nonmeaning, then, a new metastasis.

"Impossible" because seems exterior. Completely exposed? To the reserve of feelings,
of any science, the predicates in order to make writing necessary.

Each related to the subordinate through its own context. As a word like "experience" means.
Given of reading? Taken as the natural context, attentive permitting or pro-erasing of
the excess of knowledge. Would amount to not reading.

As an example: the sure element of its regulated sliding.

The sovereign form of immediacy. Enter into its work and think the transgressed simultaneously?
Exceeded in order to annihilate, after all superfluous.

For the writing, no profit, it is (not) a technique. Blank or neutral enounces nothing
detached, liberated, the known. (Cited above.) The classical operation, the law or work of new knowledge.
Welcomes it in for the work.

Raising neutralization, it engulfs.




Source is designated, into our field.

Later unfolds these in light. Among these, each time, to progress within a nondeceiving,
as with every determined presence necessitating deception.

In the escaping-from, inscribes the chain and returns syntax.

But as a metaphor, extended system, dazzling this is proved for the pretending. Clarity, it
seemed, to ponder at, adore.

And since natural, preceded, the insistent to metaphor. Then were only one, could reduce, that is,
to one, would be no less true. Assured legibility at the outset. Carried away with constructing,
its two courses which are separating from each.

The line of a syntactics, that same meaning is included by a proper ground.

The turn of the itself without loss of itself? Circle of circles, sensory sun,
in the eye of its journey, achieves the light unfolded. Marked out at the same time
as emotions of a blind glimmering.

Is displaced as not-interpreted. Proper less forgetfulness, vital and figurative.




Only other than a wanting-presence. Of sense, the pure spiritual.

Facial an indication, in the degree was murmuring. (As long as that resists the strict sense.)
(Commentary for distinctions.) Voluntarily interwoven, everything that meaningful speech forms.
Heard was in the still held.

From meaning thus, from expressions, gestures, in a word: the as such that is insoluble.
Could animation, say explicit intention as belonging, adhere to the affirms?

Between such indices, a non-boundary in fact forms from language, sign's in the gestures.

Indicative solutions in still manifestation, the relation makes it a physical aspect, articulate
sound-complex. Words act what gesture would not, "originally framed," made known.

The essential mark, unfolded in intimation: their exact resemblance.

Concealed is active intention, whenever the process of work in signs can no longer be effaced.
Must perforce pass through the unity of a sound-pattern, the multiple sensible events.

Thus follows its path, a word only, stops at the sensory contour, clear scar. Would collapse if
reduced, means the initial distinction, mediately evoked, constant and vigilant. As memory
constitutes content, images, duplicating a component, sole originality.

Fragile indeed if merely translated, its "image" in the perception.




After rhymes, capacious folding consequent upon memory, anticipant.

Between reigns a silence of reading, between desires their recalling. Which inaugurates,
would raise its moment? The advantage of not to authenticate: along with its
contours, the interposed or torn.

Blank returns, the adequate eye, has, itself, aligned, contoured, ungluing of the text.

In suspense or receives the place where what hang over the type of writing, its borders,
its frame. The suspensive value marks out other motifs, marking the angle.

Then review, purify, the space from everything, comes to writing. Is entirely, as the lustre
glistens, or the depending mirrors itself. (The first measure. Epigraph to some future session.)

Number the devices, enclosure or borders have remarked, a possibility of dialogue.

Writing in general is not the textual machination, the gestural act already the memory.
Syntactical felicity. Or mimed event to what is folded, shining without intimation, a miming
of appearance, traces only there recalling, the underlining of this circumstantial compliment.

The ricochet the sentence speaks into, reproducing the masking of its indefinite fold.
Underlines without reversal the beginning.

To perpetrate, as its calculated consonance.


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