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Poems November 15, 1999



curb service

curb smile. curb hips. skirt vice. curb service. smiles render women in
noon photograph. flirt skirts. sum sum. isn't laughter light. June waist
with hands on hips. snappy lie. hot light spotlight. friends' arc of
waist. summer's car fender flirt smile. render this rendezvous hot June.
lie laughter. curb service. sum women sum friends flirt. And they
photograph one another. hand in hand. snappy service. laughter lies.
reflection. depart curb. depart friends. left that summer. left hand on
her waist. left June. left baby. left laughter and a smile in the photograph.
Did he want to photograph dreams?


self-portrait of a family vacation




Oklahoma! bound red plumes


sun-burned white girls in warrior's headdress


smile Against Our Will inside the








(Trail of Tears performance at 11:30)






face the camera our souls


made native souvenirs conquered


members in a wink and a smile






(paste here)




Oklahoma! clay trinket

junket family trip

natives tour reservation

sun burned sisters

bound warriors read

memories conquered smiles