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from Pneumatic Poems
"Call the men of science and let them hear this song.
Tell 'em Albert Einstein and Copernicus were wrong."
                         -- They Might Be Giants


A Regular Pneumatic Magellanic

Beneath this solar empahsis, our hearts
(awake with love the communist), skip loud
against the heel of sky and measure waves,
the cosmic algorithms, formulas,
agoraphobic computations. Loud,
yet still in process; charting carefully
the surest quantity and quality
of stellar light, our slick-enclosed machines
ascend smooth columns held by smoke and wire.
They sing along the slack Pacific's back.




Happy Pneumatic

The day peels back
snow, welcomes still
life with hemispheres
hollowed out to sky
orange plus yellow comic
strip circumnavigating verbally.
The anvil drops
on what there is in
an open window.
Look! I saw the moon
for the first time
again. It called me
a liar, that big
green knife.




Sad Pneumatic

pond-bounced sunlight your face a glyph I cannot read your glyph face
so I consult the dictionary (random page) while you believe events
should be unbelievable your smile (I have it) is "hieratic" you don't understand
the pond bounces the rocks you toss the sun back with ink




Pesky Pneumatic

bees rabbits birds
bees rabbits birds
bees tintinabulations rabbits
birds bees cacophonics
tintinabulous cacophony
another pesky prophesy
ends up blue
like your "inner strength"
Through the voluminous air
bees, flying rabbits,
tintinabulous birds
document the signals
of departure: my glowing
costume, the sun.




4 Postcards, Pneumatique

Purchased many things
this month�mostly plastic,
mostly brown�some tacks
for the wall, a peck of
late apples. Preacher Teague
caught me and the moon
in the baptismal together.
There was a song, a multitude
in the smile that made it worth it.

You've never seen me
in a dress before, have you?
This is, after all, the sub-lunar
world. I take five ice
cubes and put them in
the windowsill. After
a week, the carpet has changed
color. Call the cops�now.

They hung x-mas lights
on Dekalb today. There was a song
about the Primum Mobile I wanted
to sing to you, but the moon was sharp
and I forget. I took a string and hung
it over the kitchen chair. We are keeping
an eye on the thermometer.

In red she walked into
the room all in red all
red walked the room
turned red. All eyes on
her were red with weeping.
She, in red, turned the red
room. She was very good
at publicity and swapping
bodies with the moon.