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fable for little fishes
dear reader--my sensations are strange in the blubber room--disembodied
skin--unfinished close--let me try to explain--as far as gore goes it goes often
without a map--the plainest of things the knottiest--corona-like pan without
peter or flask�alas!�a butterless man�squeeze squeeze slobgollion gurry-
flat commands get what they seek--prosthetics cosmetics--but verily--someone
approaches and it is someone else--rum thunder--the chick that's in him pecks
the shell--chamomile squeal--soon she will be out--loose fish or fast fish loose
and fast fish too--I dare say I am--twist it smaller--what I seek seeks me not--
between bird and human--to endure is to go mad--man and nutmeg--do not
mistake another rendering for a different text--pirate and interruption--do as I
do--the fleas the vowels of epic tales--every revelation a darkness--but this is a
fable for little fishes�Wendy would never be a man�little fishes trip trip wires