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Six Bodily Graphs

Taking its horizon line from the belt of coverings affixed to the "free time" courtyard's marble piers, my sequence of bodily elongations and collapses attached quotations marks to the space's de facto protective custody effect.

Gathering momentum and pattern from the stream's silt fans, my reflective report with the slowly moving overflow pools took on macro-digestive aspects as I suspended myself on the improvised risers.

Jumping off from the squinted morphology between clumps of leg hair with its lower follicle patterns and sparse, previously logged, pine brush forests, my time lapse display offered the leg-forest as a scene of colonial recodings, each with its projected values and not so hidden devastation.

Gaining a temporary sense of poise from the illegal medication, my eye movements focused attention on inert bodily seams, offering them progressively to the ringed crowd as evacuated conflict conduits.

Undergoing abject exteriority and historical whiplash in the narrow wind tunnel between the clashing postmodern financial towers, my postures morphed gradually between public, didactic indication and vomit-chested hedgehog involution.

Building off the frenetic pulses and hemmed congealings of the downtown lunch crowds, I used staccato rib drags and irregular stomach billows to enfold the island's economy of lunch motions into my midriff movements along the relief model of the lower island.

This poem appears in the 2001 Anthology
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