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Bin Laden is coming on the right day!
                                                 fog's parted
from the Trade Center's mullions
(argument for island's best minimal sculpture).
            But down with it!
ambient producer of mathematical sublimity.

"Of course New York is ready to begin again.
Those people have courage"
            says Le Corbusier,
            and Bin Laden would begin.

From the first hole: World Financial Plaza
            into the Hudson.
From the new hole: bent erector sets,
            to the Situation and our transient desires.
From the explosion: a positive example
            of impossible politics.

                                                 Stereolab is greater
than Bob Dylan, Jeff Derksen said, that's what I think
            and Bin Laden's gonna go agro.
Now the Traveler's umbrella fails,
            but we're across Canal
            and roofward.

Kent Tekulve, Shlomit Nussbaum, Steve Abair
            all unknown figures of the late evening,             
proper names
            lacking what John Searle calls "descriptive backing"
as the street crew retrofits
buried pipes to Jeff Wall tableau lighting
            and Levon
remembers each of their faces.

This poem appears in the 2001 Anthology
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