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Inconvenient Affects

-- for Drew                                


that which doesn't kill you, almost kills you


lying seething at the edge of the frame, close to the boil, empurpled


the abjurate -- prevailing, the unfit


what is just not available any longer, irrespective of price


understandably. Spot on. A festering that denotes little apparent progress. An eschaton,

bedeviled. Narrowing in on


at that tertiary depot where we attempted to present all this as a colorable benefit:

repatriating the unwilling, now neatly attired in their objections, each encircled by a slick

of not-unnatural premonition. Amidst them a frank perisher, like a symptom of thrush


the awkward bits, ultimately papered over by a condominium between the two parties.

Dividing it all up, like a former coaling station


veritable adventurism, reckless rescheduling


the better and the much better


a sally into so-called 'base articulation'


a hollowed-out mountain


insisting, caning, treed, floored, hap, ail, unassailable


Empty exhortations, like rubbishy patronymics, heaped upon the cold table -- all we ever

heard from that quarter


in the hermit borough, home to a certain long-thought-lost-species, a city-state of

dissimulation rises up as if overnight, teeming with suspect notables


chapels of collision-partners


-- like aids to mariners. Triangulating by means of eyesores


the crushing overhead, the flat file appearing at the bar, the bulleted notation with one's

name inscribed. The express instruction. That one there


rationing what used to be apportioned


in this fore-noon, this darkened chamber


what the hosts of the becalmed have decided to set before us