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Sedici, Ulysses

pius, "Nisi Prius", absimilis absilimus, "allow the ambulance", qua sedici, neigh, chance and rechance, nonchalance, a viaggio,due a mano, adieu, the same road traveled twice, sempre da solo, what follows isn't, extempore, "hasn't an earthly", Hammersmith is too south, double neigh, haha, "Dignam came out of Mangan's", haha he who is is, who laughed "von Sacher Masoch", Leopold, is, declension, exsequens, cornered for Christ's sake, qua qua ex qua, "Sulphur dung of lions", deux mains, Padua in Dublin?, Tripoli? "sure that's only what you might call a pinprick", quay nunc, nessuno qui ma noi, qua ciao, "behind him a blind stripling tapped", queen to king's archbishop, circa nulla, we,unalike, abscond,"Perche la sua voce...

still, "at the holy show I am", where his went, "her white", who promised her, letterwrit, upturned stoodup, idle whose sainted eyes, who left without having written her, burr, "By went his eyes", two boots, to wit, she, to boot, I, drowsy, in silence, go, "amoroso ma non troppo","the rhododendrons", one, foursquare, archaicmurmuredone, plus one drop but none create, "all harpsichording", pianosuspended, allrepressing accusing lull, kidneychoaked, sings,"M'appari tutt'amor", amorousness, inertia mashed torpor, but the music of this this, who promised her incisions, horsd'ouevres, isness of a previoushorse, my stiletto in your falsetto, of course, no Stetson can, "With a cock with a carra", cocksureheaded, sic,est, hic

dogsology, the Pilgrim'sPlagiar, Mu,Per che non pioggia, "Honorable members of", fiction from non,four million fifteen thousand six hundred and, seventy six, I, too, have speech, a day's anti vitae, fed lambaste, disloquacity,our butter breaded and, beatéduppéd, on a timid, figured page, revisederasedadrift,matriculatedamiably, quando inver' Madïan discese I colli, "Ho ho begob" he slobbed, deep-throated Engins belcht, "Arrah!", squelch'd and splash'd the Gorgons disgorg'd, it is the blackbird of Darrycarn that Finn brought from Norway, "for he was a malefactor", [italics mine], acque alza,of reviv'd Adonis, e calma, to emphasize "Kiernan andCo.", by whose clues bloomed aplenty, in hiddened arhỳthms, erstwooéd,bolster up my memory, speak inpostulates