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The Desert is My Animal.


the desert is my animal





woke up to

a desert mound

with an H

& a small pyramid

on the desert




pancake clouds

2-dimensional hangers




blue hap sky


the been




some mounds red


the logic of it




you cannot know


from future red




you cannot know

what truck

yellow machine

in the sage crop




swarms of black fly

pounds of flies

from sharpest sage




you can

know not

privileges of green

insects having at you




we will all be jackrabbit

with proof




a knowledge of such summer

a ‘mind of’ it

mind & motion similarly dusty




rocky girly weather

over the knee




to the edge

of the bank

of long green




remove your pesos

from my tabla




the sickening sky emblued

all over us

our palms were set stones




we _____ed with them

precious sages

verdy serpentines




more slash & slicker ensovereigned

sere a stealth rabbit slim

crosses hatches across elk and earl

the duke of desert & the ruddy route



pleased piñons empained our

perceivers go that rapine

skater lambly sleeps a pocket

in castlerock shiprock

shapelyrock grew gorgeous with eve

the mounts and mounds attendant

on diamond ease camp ducked



a town of discardies

oil drums not pennies

copper locker

house goes up comes down

a sign for not travelers



playtruck is blue in

the whole thing yard

timing thinking a red one

no bodies evidence of



hard slobber on a grand door

these mover vehicles got here

fresh oil somewhere

rocks red in the distance

smooth the brow of the tamer

town lingers long after water



east granite point smoke lies

had us a cup of it in quick sugars

sister sipping the back of blue

embarcadero plenties have few



measured matter by his bushes

gin spoke in the turner

rood age she will never leave

echo stance in large sentences





no schedule

on the train

three birds




on the other train




fierce puckered mountain

corrugated rain shack

a hard winner




wonders the stone

in his head

wonders she supplements

supplies from the tunnel




more red trucks


stacked cedar woowoo




towns containing no people

some goats

selfish oak




selvage palmetto

horse pleas




a head of two orders

the third was rushes

from that river

when there was water










out the window

an L on a hillside

an H & an L

separated by miles and track rectitude

a perfect capital on the mound

well formed if slightly stubborn

in the sun




on that hillside

cows sunsetter

rescue the plain

from its plenitude




a pan of mountain

easy contraption

in the winter when the clouds cuts

lost thirsty river

hold on





the desert trucks

8 movements eastward

to get to your circle hives




thin trees of pamlico

do you not see

my exmachinery

tag factory

where is your sun











i will not do plenty more

i will wonderfull stand

with glasses




red hides its capital

into the dirt silence




i can neglect red

we never have it

without that speed




waking to finitude

to orange & oranger

i had come down to




houses in the middle off their landstar

orphans are for trains

we are here




out there

north of summer

north of sun




modify this



an ensemble the red of

mixtures are in