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By Dint of Kilt.





by Dint of kilt

hard-runged belted suppositional






a Range in newtons





pretty Penumbral no

thickets thick

with shell & clover all over





i am not talking about the sand

are not Wanting to not sit in the window

watching quintain





i wore a slouch

i Hear fine

i misheard the gestural soliloquy





i miss


i miss

the good news & the Other news





to the

blank to the Rich





i had Enough of my world





to pass Around

the party





the Handsome

had some

& then some





bovarian cancer

you don’t write This i do

the animal follows the sound





he told me what Happened

what hurt

he had a new name

when he got up





he had Played some

& then some





to Kill a

a empire





a defense of

her English

how i am









same Gain

as my master



squinting russet

the bear would Clock him



elevator gaited

she Approached