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Confused sugar sheen met the bagpipe instructor with an excuse
The twins have reached puberty�the cloth has
a tendency to pucker overnight�spoiled for kisses they
were running wild, eating up all of the porridge
but never home in time for breakfast�if we had a civilization
with ray guns that'd be great...

When I was crashing on the ground I woke up.

By holding my hand up
to my eyes I can see
little explosions (sudden
unexpected flashes
of light) this light
will tell you what will
happen next�

I didn't move but I smelt
something was burning.

Some of it escapes through
the top of the bottle.

I went through the yellow door.

Afterwards we appeared in my school.
I felt that I was important and I liked this.

Then I took a drawing
from the eye and put it
in a fish then took a picture
from a frog and put it in a cat
then took a dog from a painting
and put it in a fish then took
a cat from a book and put it in
a frog�this valley is not
the one to return to.
So I called down:

Come up ants!
Come up!

Then I sorta slacked off
after that.