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Elementals With a Suggestion

It's a wild idea to live in a symbolic red box but

then I'd have to live there when the ideal

presented & the represented are opaque at best

A part of the fence is appropriated as drawing

board         differences gone over as a new survey

In the half-forgotten dream narrative somewhere

between defense & hagiography is space to make

something up      a way to rhyme the hollow of a cheek

w/ that of a hill      to somehow let scar wire dam

wound      die of border metaphor exhaustion












When mood goes blue no kidding you'd better swim in it

slow floats apart spun in circles                      adrift

A live feed & the occasional clank of bones is

all it takes is applying agua to agua to for effect

disappear the painting in an end or for the best

Scrutiny lies somewhere between beach combing

& scatology      all this registering of perception

the memory can be dissolved under the watchfulness of

some sentient beings      Everything'll be alright unless

it won't smoothed & smudged as the shadow pools are












There are days when yellow really does change the world

Meeting like this is conspiracy to commit to

something            long on place short on sightedness

shadowy sketches of self on the lam from the self

find a folder under the arm              Papier mache sculptures

burn in the street but sight just wasn't the way

I ever walked so mediated & deferred            In the dark

there between grin & grimace the protagonist is

floating around near the center of the page w/ no

background          from the corner comes a poem or a lantern