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This postcard is to make you jealous


Knife put to paper language

                            to cardboard    The box

beyond the mouth goes on speaking


                       Close-cropped shots

of miss/mister doctor the one-inch

            slice at the eyebrows      Rubber


bands ran through the earholes face

            the worn as mask    Beget it off

on pavement unwrapped forgotten


            Your lunatic nods in the chalk

silhouette    The well-known sleep markers

& unidentified die spots dot town







Vivisected street bird tries to

             hold profile of scarred groundbound

families of beaks caught in music wire



             plucked to soundtrack a pornography

But wait wait there's more act now

       spanking at cheeks fingers won't reach


No time no limit no sweat no baby

                             no pain no rest no bump no thanks

           just EatEatEatEatEatEatEat


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