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Things Their Actual Size (forefinger & thumb- together & apart)

                                        Being this viewer is being this judge

             w/ reach            full of findings

                                  preserved as a history of touch-

                          grained bodies more identified for the evidence

                                of wear     the essence though     still     elusive

                            The safe house is reinforced w/ remains

               from trees cooked by lightning- once charred now

                            awaiting another strike             torquing

                                        homefire at the foundation




Citizens are we or are we annexed

              a space concept in another end of another

       god becoming someone's mystery           Life rhythyms

                            repeated have a hypnotic effect-

         The stillest of still forces shines in

   our eyes at 300,000 kms. Per second

              Human heads look inward           its constructions outward

              Cosmos beacon out there             it's dark in here




              Out here w/ great tact & technical finesse

                            we are all alone       implosive       cold

           The endeavors- corn callous attempts to

                         approach the sacred cow obliquely        the hopes

                of wheeling text as steamroller      musical instruments as

                                                    cutlery highlighted by a

                           chopinesque tap in the head     The revelations

                                                  are tools light & dull




                                                           Let's go a moment to examine our

                            automata          secrets lie in the shallow crease where

                                       ear meets the cheek        Touch again-      memory

                                                     seldom delivers things their actual size

                                       Attentions outside these bodies keep

                               wanting to come back let me hear your body talk body talk

                                                     unstable as our understanding of science

                                  I think we know savage I think we know noble I

                                                                        think this is the plight of matter




                         A turn away from the miney-moe     to

              commodify or erase the badgered selves       look

                                           to the void invisible within attention's

              loop-    the abc's as mysterious & ordinary as the circuit

                    connecting eye body brain thing     Questions no more

          questions       let's swim in the packaging     the fluid

                       line between the living & living        Forefinger meet

            your thumb    the desire to hold paired possession     naturally