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By series: Bridge St  In Yr Ear  Ruthless Grip

Which curvature which redundancy
which cradle    which severance
which flume   which
blended dusk  which tryst which freakish midnight storm which
gathering sound
emitted which trim acre which truck
which loss—
    my shade, my sun-warmed
 guilty pleasant

and in the lit space of which sun

oddly other

    asimilar     astringent
ingrown   prop

the midges
    upon us

arpeggio grip   scores
floral coup

code for fragment code for
    wind from the west code for
not about


erstwhile bedlam
    "his sad fey mood begins to pass"

we were weeping for you your

an image's clarity light
eyes    evidently a
portrait   an homage

searching for source material
are they solvent and
what of that

they had first to go a little mad

a "cruel mountain" among any
number of cruel mountains in
    the borderlands
"headlong" tracked as "progress"
     tracked as imagination  even
          our images  our
horrors   we
do     do it justice we are
doing that even still

response to text pressured


We ask for an hour
     before the diagnosis but
each day we want that

    heavenly         upset
clings to a sour sky

      it has not abated it is
mild mannered in the extreme

       a shifting     prism, a park, a
memory invests

in summing up an addict a sweat bee a
  light wind

it was the way lumbering whitened the sky

Brown Welsh Skink   glint

an etude

kind of    a
 I think

more at yesterday  more at

well what else is branching out
supposed to entail

    skins grease the floor while
the upper levels the
ateliers    swing freeform
from your arm
     architecturally      speaking

the grammar built a new one

glottal   stop

    fret    beam    cantilever
adjective   pronoun  beats
pronoun  verb every
   especially on the escalator

our rebate

was just thinking

the insurgency's pram
   on that lone slope

an agent for our one wish

sequential trauma to the tibia
a float a gleaming a banister

honorable pagination
sameness fruition
              welcome            to our language

in as much as it's three times as many

between filibusters'
   chilling    savior—
float me a loan?

appeasable thumb
get out the glow-worms—

each day a little danker each day a
little more like    fly bait

reticulate noun

a finial to end all finials
let's have    

gland school
sludge sky  
zinnia, black-eyed
   in a blue cup

         text generating
clinkery verbs of
effected    object status

ill-formed inquisition

and what part of grammar is wheel?

    act as process

plural  flurry

crossed at the horizon
that thick         corn

assorted edifice pestilence

if only for an hour we let
that hour pass

meticulous    systems' possessive

act happening as a thought recorded which isn't,
exactly,   a thought or isn't, precisely, recorded

overhanging cantilever cuts into view

summarily      emotive—

the singular function of each of those
grounds maintenance machines
i.e. to recall a persons' "last works"