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-previously published in Primary Writing-

                                    for Thomas & Lisa
distances clear to
withhold and portray
of an alphabet to arrive
stop of scented among stranger relations
is repeated facewise
domesticates a marshmallow dandy
by the choice of more
stem shooting or glass punch
hatwork is other praising as load
I am picturing
Orpheus as an auto
back of fairytale is a dreamhole
where the head of hair is
kept loose for showtime
heat herds call
shortage bags eyeful
closet dust why not snooze
or freak the drops into
the consideration of carpet care of socket sharing
to the leak of their particles
unfolding in creases or flowering
atop a bicycle
the affluence of the literal
shock me with a note
bird of early music
and the making of the pressed
neatly with a limited fragment
by composition close to the rock
verbs do sing
mixed berry leafing
to outgrow the recess
of super green
and appear upright
shaking each key percussively
in a traffic set
to be unlocked to wheel
heavy hearing its furniture
juxtafusion of multiphase
drag or drop like files
erected upon the cross of
perfectly nail
three words out
bound in rust-coloured wraps
for the business of at-homeness
light that is mote-filled
can exfoliate into an orchestration
of clicking sounds as would-be phonemes
dancing circuits
made realer
in the eye of the ensemblist
hipped to a rose
as wind stirs soup
with scraps added in the coda
water tricked in silent moving picture
of their skirting it
pink-hued with reddish brocade
lifting solitude
like a skeleton out of so-so containment
whether it came or bent
the observing of rules
having acted should allow the full play
conclave in mirrored helped
objects to the underfeel
digital pocket scale
the height of their measuring
to order and let go
freed by the metronome
tables turning no customers
in hoping to take up
slack in the heart springs
repeating the birds
pastoral descried
the token abstract gesture
latently tromping
into mind out of whatever was
to make up in the future
from a system of credits
beyond sign and wonder
exchanging the cryptogram
for the pond-frog-plash of explication
mixing in subtler colours
thrown down from the wings
for the donkey and wagonette
shown in painting circles
done on location
tipped in or carried beyond
is a palace where the coaches
signalled a break
notated wheelbarrows
poetic cloud
with shapes that charge
landscape with patent flourish
on this spring day as you approach Hyde Park
I would call up that flash
not to be denied
will or structural ambition
placed like a mountain on a mouse
garden for a handle
imputes function to stone
at the behest of radiance
ghostly yet roistering
the four-squareness of space
with a collapsible hat
blossom and incrustation
to debunk by lucidity
related equal half tones
the custard area of giant wordlings
memorises its flavour
by invisible sponges
only inches below
the slap of the tide
he said will eat away
leftover phrases
the contents of nodding the head
among the bell-peals
at Wapping or Limehouse
effect is event
whose chin abuts on
the array of steps
muffled as polar bears
who guard the substance
here at the border change
access to the goods of the intellect
has been bought for food
constructed from plaited strips
mood contraband
passed off as dream stuff
hinged to a baroque
groove carved by the repeated pull of ropes
to skip the other beats
mermaids wreck the fisher boats
inoculated against song
rhyming to excess
defined as the pervading
hiss of a soda bottle
as the spirit sweats
to dislodge a suggested curriculum
always is both
tantamount to a catchment area
and effective centre
giving up its ghost to
keep alive and at work