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Bog of Odd Glitter


she'll go show that there are strong numb

her day yawning her days are a yawn

no boss she'd prettify him shy of

to moo low, by noon underdone


at a state fair she & Dan's tryst was

the tar & straw copy of a bed cha-cha-cha

privately she strung some putty

down where her yummy panda was


Anna's ta-tas, airy in the bra

my hottie sundered her snatch out

my diva, her vice shaving the panda

dividing her shanks from her panda


punch & jam, yum it's a gay show

day for dating the numb jokers

pounding down Dad's mouth, Ma's shank of ham

beam of karma flicking the ho's daring hair


a warm mouth told her she caved so

a better case seen by a barrister

a Senator abhors a moody army

stars pay in full, rats die for their mothers


beers, mall, drone on, pray make it car

show the way Sam, shall my honey sit

you tight apartheid cow, I'll pass that on

shall my waiting Coors sit on her titty


Anna told me joy is a raw joke

couldn't he punt rolls wouldn't he steer her

no cooler shower gave us a child

sugar some man, he'll push the cow


a pair of yuppies named Todd came in my ass

lumbering, small beers sitting on my rack

pair of yuppies named Tom watched some TV

actually Tom, that's my beer you're lamming


a younger shoe shall show your shoe

how to buy gum in Washington

beats Mom forever buying Santa off the rack

her wanting tall shrubs ever higher


a small comb to Harvey's sister, yah

every year Buddha -- we joke to him

without joking -- Mama shined last year

same year Tom tanned himself briefly


Tom: putrid name for a panda,

a chair or a train. Cease yawning

and pass your tongue over the pew

Drew's father is on my hat team


buy one, this mess should carve us should

keep us should something joyous to him

asthma, tarmac we can always check

this samizdat should have a child



author's note: Homophonically translated from the Bhagavad Gita (Winthrop Sargeant edition). Stanzaic numerals correspond directly to the Sanskrit slokas. To get a sense of the correct pronunciation and meter of Sanskrit I took classes which included group chanting of the text.