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i: e.d. (from Crack)

escalda influence
gives the breathing of.
the landscape of.
the scar simulate ample values
that stop briefly of
an astute tact that
the smooth bust completely
blew to the bound storm.
stingy slide commune of the.
supply of the assent of the sense of the hint of last of the oration of the love of the soft solstice.
the firm blue windows,
the brain removed
with shovel cracks
of the chip of the deepest
furrow absorbs syllable.


scalds the weight to
sufficiently apportions
blows the storm scar solstice
enterprise scenery people's
commune blue color
to breathe the slippery
window imitation the groove
together certain lobe
sly love crack contact
sentence which holds
the pause front brain
ample prompt more profound
value feeling absorption.
smooth agreement.
syllable bust tender, which digs out.