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from Panic Poems (My Hero)
                                                                      wild brown trout stamped out in its visual turnstile as gaudy as jello and his (meaning my) habit: doughnuts, caramel pudding, rum ring treat, peach jam, you name it. the fluttery stomping of the soldiers dying off incriminating the use value of margarine (a hot intestine) while the junk storm clips anyone in the hormone or collar bone to cause wearing of a sling by the world. he meaning you is wiping was wipes confections from his lips pretending they are specifically someone else's. he dreams and does this. last night in the chair a very good dream. I and anyone else approached the feeling also such as does he meaning I understand the narrow gape and crash disguised as birdsong? she (meaning he) wanting to contain it in the cunt's fragrance. knowing it is there. discovering the notes of bird as electricity that throbs through the staid moment. how romantic. many difficulties happen simultaneously some dangerous others more dangerous but who am I meaning she to complain. is danger merely appreciation and if so how can you say that? below and outside very invisible the subjects shiver but there is always also the importance of a pupil grazing down the far face whose pupil also grazes down the farther capitulatory cell, which does touchless tingle, and which does touchless cause extended tingling.