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from Panic Poems (Occupation)
                                                                      better than average feeling today glad to be rid of that other feeling of always wanting to be somewhere else it's back it's very back. the thought of turning garish in the daylight prompts me to rub your paper on my skin which are both store-bought like a ruffley serotonin cocktail. please be with you and also with you when the hearkening clicks up the aisles of the bakery purchasing the pastries heavy-bored with cinnamon and sticking to the road I was doing something ordinary. the sky turned queasy. in the offing of many unrelated brains therefore the smoke yearned for caprice but found none in this quadrant. I am lonely for the moment you invented toward an eye that has no chance of accepting it but understands the possibilities. really it's very upsetting dismal gut in the psych ward because during recess during tintinnabulation, during the fucking hourly renaissance the sculpture fell over was not armless but had always been and now what defect the mishap caused will take a while to record.