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from Panic Poems (Chronical)
                                                                      clearing without reversal smacks of pulverizing the landscape chunk by chunk gluing it down. fade out fade in fade over the pulse who sniggers at the eyelash deep in his sweet soup rinses it and clamps it to wall-sized wall for which, do we remember when we are quantifying our fairyland, as though the girls had never seemed hairless and the grown-ups cheering from the bleachers like their ilk. this ratiocination stipulation fornication think-tank juice operates on the level and he peels did peel and continue a peeling each thread out of its distinct fabric wearing one imaginary look on her face. undream the terrestrial swing of giant carnivores which crush us all and him in the vernal terror forgetting spawns forget the choice rhetoric of this mammary gland forestalled sheerly, dramatically, clap. who clapped also was dying in the bushes hidden in colorful shapes on brittle paper. who clapped also was dying.