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Four Poems

False Nativity

masking memory
(no current photo
available) with

furniture placement
(that memory has
two faces is true)

but what I saw then
terrified me (I
removed my glasses

I put them on the
desk) and the desk was

that I might sit on
my glasses and what
my bottom would see



False Nativity

perfectly masking
malevolence (that

malevolence has
faces is true) with
furniture placement

(inaudible to
itself) masking the
dent carved in the bridge

of your nose by your
glasses (no current
photo) masking in

analysis of
a human novel
the clock's machine heart



Under the Lampshade

his wild path around
the kitchen (afraid
that the light fixture

might clobber him if
he passed underneath)
to avoid crossing

under (her slicker
gave the effect of
a lampshade) lest the

light fixture alight
(every time she does
something to hurt him

she cries no stop you're
hurting me) on his
trembling shoulders and

now he kisses both
her real foot and her
artificial foot



Under the Lampshade

he punishes them
because he believes
he should be punished

imperative) he
seems to be wearing

a lampshade in place
of a raincoat (he
wants to bite his tail

it's just out of reach)
and afraid (should the
fixture come unfixed)

the light from the
hanging lantern might
fall like the human

fruit when you close your
lips around its toe
and pull and (afraid

he'll touch the burning
bulb to his face) and
it would leave a mark