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Be the Ball
          Everyone's a winner   Will you
  stop speaking English & become a language?   A language like English
Will you negotiate prices or be one?                        or shoes? How much are these shoes?  I made
Where are the shoes                                                    a mistake when I bought the green lonely man
of complete liberation --                                        They make me look like a lonely man
the shoes so not you you can't go on                             fulfilling desultory omens
as anything with instructions
       Will you be words?     They know what to do Too expensive = too expensive
The easy certitude of My Name Is Shoes of taking on                     Bright green means stay away
Ugly Shoes even Painful Shoes feels good   How are you                         Will you be green?
successful successful shoe?     Lace me up & lets go!
Try being tried on      Why wouldn't you be shoes or
English or sex     Declare: I Am Sex!      Nominative destiny sparkles
Everyone's a winner so winning's merely              Fear & volition fall out of bed
a commute from under the sheets                            so now it's just you & me
with lead medals                                                       The pearly wetness of being used
Hello    I am work in offices     I am toner                               I work with temps
  & paperclips   I stare at ceilings                                                   & use them
                     for someone to chose the right shoe                              like a word
  & I am the right shoe     It feels excellent to drop                                 a name
                           I am dropped              I am a drop                        a bucket
                        A little drop              Just a little Hello
                                       I am Hello                   a little green hello