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iii: t.h. & g.m.h. (from Crack)

blood detonation to gush out tells the melt
tells burning the melt
outflow boundary tongue which
                                 is moved is
                                 the belt-coloured lip flank

buck polilla-smooth exudes
exudes the scent the blue
being of the flowerings balance

transfusion roars
exquisitely to go
suppression-deep astrew to have
to burn lush sloggering stain
to bloom you to conceive the
blue color lily vein is
grasps the rolling.
was the locked up burn loaded
to go wheel lush to bloom the blue color
is a rolling
the pressure of the flanks
that the flower of the eyetooth
of the melting says
bare red crossbeams incising the
live coals of the edge
of the melting that is burned