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Feel the Urn
Option one     twelve month winter
with severe fragment city     is to care
about the self my new burlap laptop
my extremely portable bubonic playtime
Option into people in it for themselves
Mister flouncy lo-risk lack of real
cheek to be cut short     A round of
feel it kick the pre-natal drinking game
Interesting tattoos on the arms length
where life's at     If a tree falls in the ER
but nobody has healthcare & other puzzles
half solved by decendents of decadent cabals
I've written a new rejection letter that implies
you're okay but by the time you receive it
I will already be dead     Or refusing to wonder
Pop stars sell me my new cut rate limits
Once we lose the ability to express sorrow
there can be no sorrow right?    Or music
The average amount we court the flatline
One thing to remarry another to dish
the dirt the obit still wet on the page
Famine the flower of all fame     I live
in the basement the walls wet with songs
I go south in the winter all the year long