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Sold Out

the little goddess yelled at the top of her lungs
rising to imitate a young girl

don't even try to make her sit still
live your wildness in the splashing
of loving bouquets of perfume
madhouse of wiggling giggling girl
wiggling bits of skirt
wiggling and teasingly jiggling
hypnotizing woman belly soft and gently rolling
giggling lover whispering mother oozing woman

enjoy this happy song with its fun actions
      one two nno nose knows nothing
      nose sniff smell smelling sniffing snuffing nostril
      three four five six seven face nails feet wiggling
      creaks shrieks growls howls
      cats bats moans groans
      shackles cackles bubbles troubles
      kids just do it

9/9/2001 nothing new
9/10/2001 nothing new
9/11/2001 sold out again

masks fall to the floor everywhere
the real me on spotlighted display
no greetings or goodbyes
no wiggling giggling or smiles